We hire and retain the best people. Better educated and more experienced people learn faster. Selecting the best candidates and offering them above market pay and benefits ensures low employee attrition. We focus on higher productivity and a high quality of work for the long haul rather than the lowest possible cost.

We generally employ licensed registered nurses for most positions. In our experience they tend to have great empathy and want to help patients and their caregivers. We have also found that the level of professionalism from these RN’s is greatly appreciated by our Physicians and referral sources. We believe in cross training as we build out teams. Cross training helps to provide seamless coverage for your business as well as reduces employee attrition.

We provide the required systems to seamlessly and securely connect you to your U.S. IT platform and your phone system. This includes third party cloud based systems. This means that none of your patient data is moved to the Philippines, remaining securely on your servers.

Staff leasing is not outsourcing! Unlike outsourcing, your Healthscope Team will be dedicated to you. This dedicated team means your employees will know your company's unique policies and procedures. More importantly, this allows the employees to build patient and referral relationships exactly like your U.S. based employees.

Also, unlike outsourcing you are in direct control of your team. This means your team is meeting your job-related expectations and metrics, not ours. You train the employees and your managers distribute tasks and manage productivity and quality. We handle all of the HR related tasks and initial basic trainings (such as HIPAA & HITECH) and other HR matters in conjunction with your management, but ultimately allowing your managers to focus on what matters the most to you: delivering high quality service to your patients.

All employees are provided comprehensive HIPAA and HITECH training as part of the onboarding process and retrained annually. While we are the legal employer, these are your staff (exactly the same as if you hired a temp in the U.S.). They are under your direct control. You are not outsourcing a service offshore. HIPAA/HITECH compliance is strictly observed and controlled including the following:

  • No Data is maintained in the Philippines: All data is retained on your U.S. based servers
  • Remote employees connect to your U.S. system by secure VPN with double authentication via thin clients
  • Strict adherence to no cell phone policy on floor for all employees except management
  • Controlled access to internet via security software
  • Uniformed security on the floor and at building entrances to ensure enforcement of policy and controlled access to facility (ID badges required)
  • Management Staff (Operations, Quality, Team leads) are highly visible at all times located within the employee workstations
  • Web cameras allow for remote staff monitoring.

Staff leasing and outsourcing services can be delivered onshore or offshore, although for many tasks it is increasingly more common for vendors to provide offshored services in order to deliver cost savings from labor arbitrage to the onshore client.

Staff leasing is no different than hiring a temp in the U.S. except our offer is based on a contractual term that guarantees you the stability you expect (rolling contracts with a six or 12-month termination clause).

The major difference in our offer against typical outsourcing is:

  • Usually tasks are outsourced and performed in “silos” as opposed to our approach which is building you a cross-functional team that delivers greater productivity and the flexibility to meet unexpected operational challenges as they arise. This approach also allows you to add jobs in new areas that an outsourcing vendor may have no experience in providing that force you to use multiple vendors.
  • You have full control of your team just as if you had employed them directly. You deliver task related training. You manage tasking, productivity and quality. This approach is in direct contrast to outsourcing where you generally have no direct voice in day to day operations and work only with the vendor's management team on the agreed upon metrics.
  • Your team is dedicated to you. Unlike many providers of outsourcing, team members are not removed or “pulled off” to onboard new clients. This allows for consistent growth in the employee’s unique knowledge of your business, which benefits all stakeholders in the long term: you, your field staff, your referral sources and your patients in terms of productivity and satisfaction.


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Working from the Philippines offers our customers many benefits:

  • The ability to realize and pass on labor cost savings
  • Reduced travel time through accessible flights on most major airlines
  • Currently established “Business Process Outsourcing” (BPO) industry which employs approximately 1.4 million people, 75% working for U.S. businesses
  • 100,000 annual nursing graduates vs. 36,000 static domestic demand creates surplus of qualified employees
  • Employees are carefully selected for their skillset and fluency in the English language
  • Training is provided for employees on U.S. regional slang and idioms
  • The Philippines is widely recognized as a highly Westernized culture providing the opportunity for a seamless blend with your existing employee team.

There is really only one. The minimum team size we work with for each client is 20 people. This doesn’t mean you need to hire all of your planned team when we begin the project. If your need is for 20 people, then we recommend you start with a pilot around your biggest pain point of five or more people and then build out. If your need is for 100 people, start with a 20-person pilot and build out from there and then layer in local management (team leads/supervisors) as your offshore workforce grows. Before you know it, your offshore office will be largely self-managing.

Established, documented processes are essential for effective training and quality of work outputs. If this is an area where you have challenges, we can share our documentation for process flow and individual work instructions similar to your needs. This will give you a template for writing your process(es) so you don’t have to start from a blank page!

It takes time to transfer skills and build a new team to the productivity and quality you expect. Planning is essential. Again, our founders have the experience doing this in the real world and our CEO is available to you to provide consulting advice at each step of the way (at no further cost) to ensure you successfully accomplish your goals.

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